My experience with voice dialogue facilitated by Jacques was life changing to say the least. I did the session out of curiosity without anything in particular in mind to work on, mainly because I didn't know what to expect. So we just went through the process to see what would come up and I was able to connect with parts of myself that I had forgotten even existed! Parts that are key to living a full and happy life for me personally. And after doing just one session the insights and connections we made continued to surface and grow. I can't wait to unearth more of the parts that I've lost touch with, and learn more about this voice dialogue.


Jacques has a way of listening that is impassioned, sensitive and versatile, a healing in and of itself. Not many people are able to listen this way. He accompanies you step by step, helping you to move through and around obstacles. He asks the right questions with humility, empathy and generosity, bringing you closer and closer towards your true self. It is very precious. Your personal adventure on this earth is in your hands. Jacques puts it in light.


"Jack possède une qualité d'écoute intense, sensible et modulée. Sa qualité d'écoute est déjà un soin. Personne ou peu de gens vous écoutent ainsi. Il vous accompagne pas à pas, vous aide à traverser les embûches à vous poser les bonnes questions, et il vous accompagne, avec beaucoup d'humanité, d'empathie, de générosité. C'est un pas à pas vers vous-même.  C'est très précieux. Votre aventure personnelle sur cette terre est entre vos mains. Jacques la met en lumière." 


Jac's approach to healing is gentle, compassionate, and whole. He creates a gigantic space for you and all that you come with, inspiring your own potential and inner wisdom. I feel seen and understood by him. He is truly an ancient healer. 

At the time of my session, I was dealing with a very powerful and detrimental secondary emotion. The secondary emotion is like taking advil for a headache. Yes, it numbs the headache, reduces the pain, but why is the headache there in the first place? That is the real question.

 Jacques helped me to uncover the primary emotion, the root cause of my dilemma, which ultimately saved me from a great deal of unnecessary suffering and helped me to navigate my path with clarity and ease. Highly recommended. 


I very much appreciated the sessions and their candid visualizations, they brought me back to a place of self confidence. I was able to find some reference points that I can rely on in moments of doubt. Thank you.


"J'ai beauoup apprécié les séances de rêves éveillés libres,  elles m'ont redonné confiance en moi.
 J'y ai trouvé des appuis sur lesquels je peux  venir me poser dans les moments de doutes.
 Merci  à toi." 

​​A Path To Self Healing