It is important to avoid alcohol, drugs or anything that alters your natural state 24 hours before the ceremony. If you are taking medication, please let me know at least a day in advance. Please come well hydrated. We recommend to eat light before the ceremony, wear light and comfortable clothing for inside the lodge and bring two towels. Afterwards, we like to share a potluck, so bring a dish if you'd like to stay.

$20 minimum suggested donations.

​​A Path To Self Healing

​Inipi Ceremony is ongoing in Tijeras, NM every 4th Saturday of each month at sunset. They may also be set up upon request. Contact Jacques for more info.

    Inipi Ceremony

Inipi, commonly called Sweat Lodge, but meaning Breathing Life, was a ceremony given to people thousands of years ago to improve their lives. It is a Sacred place to explore, develop and enhance our relationship to what Is. An accelerator to spiritual growth. It also is a powerful way to pray, cleanse and heal ourselves. Anyone respectful is welcome to join. If you'd like to attend, please reflect on what you'd like to get from the ceremony. It is a time for honoring yourself and life on Earth. Sincerity and clarity in our intention make the process powerful.