​​Education and Training

2008: Human Relations Counseling Degree, from The "Institut Privé De Sciences Humaines" Nantes (FR)

2012: Psycho-Behavioral and Transpersonal Pyschology Degree, from The "Institut Privé De Sciences Humaines" Nantes (FR)

2012: Beginning Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapy Cert., Miriam Tamara Derman, Chicago, IL

2013: Beginning Family Constellation Cert., Suzi Tucker, Chicago IL.

2014: Given Permission to pour waterfor Inipi Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) by Michel Citrin Bison Noir

2014: 2nd Kyu Rank, Aikido (Way of Harmony) from Shinjinkai, Meido Moore, Chichago, IL

2013 - Present: Sundancer at High Star Sun Eagle Sundance, Howard Bad Hand


​​A Path To Self Healing

​I have so much gratitude for my teachers, the Tunkashila (caring Spirits), The Great Spirit and life itself. I am honored to serve life.  

A native of Corsica (France), Jacques has been in the US since 2008.
At the age of 21, he was fortunate to be connected to a community that embraced a variety of healing ceremonies, including Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge and Peace Pipe, inspired from the Lakota tradition. An eclectic mix of psycho-spiritual healing tools were used in synergy with these ceremonies. Inspired by this unique hybrid, Jacques immersed himself deeply in the psycho-shamanic path. He went on to receive degrees in Human Relations Counseling and Psycho-Behavioral and Transpersonal Psychology. He also studied Zen Shiatsu Massage, Family Constellations, and holds the rank of 2nd Kyu in the Aikido discipline. Since 2013, he has been a Sundancer at the the High Start Sun Eagle Sundance.


Michel Bison Noir (medicine man in France), Howard Bad Hand (Lakota medicine man), Meido Zentetsu Moore (Aikido and Zen master), Steven Blue Horse (Lakota medicine man), Jean-Pierre and Aruna Le Gouguec (Founder of the "Institut Privé De Sciences Humaines”).